Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fantastic fabric

I've finally sorted out my fabric stash - well, when I say sorted, I suppose I mean got it all out and had a look through it then put it all back roughly where it was in the first place.  It's frightening how much I've accumulated.

It mainly comprised of two suitcase full of remnants of fabric which  inherited from my parents and various relatives along the way.  They are stuffed with old curtains, nets, scraps of cloth, half-made clothing and some fabrics which I've no idea what they could have been intended for!  There are bags of scraps too which are a treasure trove for things I'm making which have appliqué motifs on them.

I also buy things from charity shops - the worn duvet cover, the stained tablecloth, the lonely pillowcases.  I also love to re-purpose the clothing casualties!  Turning the singed checked shirt into an apron; or shirts with worn collars and ink stains into bunting flags.  I'm about to start a Memory Quilt for my son who starts school in January.  I want to keep hold of some of the t-shirts from his toddler years and make him something he can cherish for a while longer.

My approach to using fabric is 'waste-not-want-not'.  As I'm using rare vintage fabric or a fantastic unique pattern, I want to make sure I squeeze as much out of it as possible, as it's very unlikely that I'd find it again.  I make sure I cut my patterns out as economically as possible.  Any scraps are kept (even the tiny ones)!  The larger sized pieces are re-cut and used for appliqué motifs; the small, thin strips are made into rosettes, awkward scraps are made into Curiositea labels, and the rest is used as stuffing.  I love the fabrics I use and love creating things with them which can be enjoyed by others.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

New £22 Curiositea Cake Range

I'm so excited to share images of the first two additions to a range of birthday cakes I'm developing, which will each cost just £22!

The first is a Giant Cupcake which is glittery and fun and can be decorated in whatever colour scheme you wish.  It is a vanilla sponge cake with strawberry jam and buttercream filling and decorated using pink buttercream, sugar decorations and edible glitter.

This cake would serve around 12 people and is just £22!

It comes boxed and on a small thin cake board.  Cake stand not included though can be hired if required.  Please enquire for more details.

This cake would be ideal for the little princess in the family.  If you wish you could also add to your order with some regular cupcakes, decorated accordingly.  Prices start from £9 for a dozen so feel free to enquire.

This would look great too on top of our 7-tier cake stand with a mountain of regular cupcakes beneath to make a fun alternative to a traditional wedding cake!  Icing and decorations can be made to coordinate perfectly with your colour scheme, and bespoke handmade edible toppers can also be added to your order.

The second cake is for the little monster in your house!  This cheeky Sweet Monster has devoured all the goodies, so he'd better get eaten up quick!

He is a vanilla sponge with buttercream filling covered with green fondant icing.  His mouth is filled with sweets but could be any kind of monster you like; a Chocolate Monster, a Cake Monster!  And colours can be altered as required.

Why not add to your party with some mini monsters made from cupcakes with handmade mini monster toppers.  You could even have a Trick Or Treat Monster or Ghostly Ghoul for a monstrous Halloween party!

It comes boxed on a thin cake board (plate not included).

This cake would serve around 12 people and is just £22!

More designs will be added to this range very soon including a Princess and a Pirate!  

Please contact me if you have any specific requirements as I'm more than happy to come up with designs and prices for you to choose from.  I've had so much fun making these and can't wait to do some more!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Look What I've Made

I am absolutely thrilled tonight as Look What Mum's Made, which is on Gillygate in York, have agreed to stock some of my bunting!  I'm so excited, and really hope that more items will be accepted soon.  This feels like such a big step for me, but something that definitely seems like the most appropriate one at the moment.

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Make sure you pop down to have a nosey at the other items there too, as there really do have some beautiful items.  I am so proud to have some of my work included there too.  Let me know what you think!