Thursday, December 30, 2010

Big numbers, small numbers and cake on a stick...

Finally getting round to uploading some photos of recent cake creations, both for special birthdays!  One was for my son's Grandma's 70th, so I opted for a subtle cake, with raised "7-0" created with fondant icing.  White and pink handmade poseys were then placed around the number, along with a sprinkling of spray lustre to lift the whole thing.  

Next was my son's 1st birthday, which I think I'd been subconsciously planning since he was about 6 weeks old.  It was originally going to be Peter Rabbit but he became fascinated with Waybuloo so I switched to that as a theme.  We were having an 'open house' afternoon rather than a party so I made cupcakes with fondant icing sheet toppers which featured hearts, flowers and cut outs of the number 1.  Guests had the cupcakes which left the main cake for the remaining family to cut later on in the day.  Meant that guests arriving later in the afternoon weren't faced with a half-eaten birthday cake!

The Piplings were made using fondant and were entirely edible (much to the delight of my 5 year-old son!)  I'm quite keen on this arrangement for a birthday party as it is more versatile.  My 5 year old's birthday is coming up and the cake and cupcakes will be out in force (Ben 10 Alien Force!) again; cupcakes for party tea and cake to be cut for party bags.

Another development (or experiment!) in the Curiositea kitchen is Bakerella's Cakepops!  I'd been fascinated with the idea and tried some for Christmas.  My son took them to a Christmas party he went to and they went down extremely well!  I'm thinking of perfecting the art in the future as they are ideal for children's parties, as well as being incredibly decadent!

2010 has been an incredible year for me and I'm so excited about what 2011 will hold in store.  I love being invited to contribute to your celebrations, so feel free to contact me to see what we can come up with!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmassy Cosiness

Everything's turning Christmassy and I'm gearing up for the Christmas Fairs at The Guildhall in York this weekend.  

This is one of my most recent creations which will be for sale; a very cute Christmas Pudding Tea Cosy!  It's is entirely handknitted, (including the holly leaves!) and topped with button berries.  There'll be some Pink Cupcake Tea Cosies available too, along with homemade, hand decorated mini fruit gift cakes, bunting, mug hugs and plenty of other bits and pieces. 

I'm so excited to be sharing the stall again with Classic Crockery, who'll have some fantastic vintage teacup candles for sale, along with other handmade items and decorations.

I've got so many plans for delicious treats to prepare ready for the weekend, I'm just hoping that there are enough hours in the day to get everything done!  

It's the last weekend before Christmas so come along and get those last minute presents from local producers.  You never know the perfect present for the tricky-to-buy-for might be waiting for you!