Cupcake Menu

12 x large carrot cake cupcakes.  Deliciously moist carrot cake sponge with cream cheese topping and handmade edible fondant 'carrot' topper. £29
12 x large rich chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream rose-swirl topping and two chocolate hearts.  £26
12 x regular lemon flavoured cupcakes with lemon drizzle icing and edible flower decoration.  £15 
12 x regular vanilla sponge cupcakes with pink buttercream rose-swirl topping and glittery sprinkles.  £9
12 x large chocolate flavoured cupcakes with chocolate buttercream swirl topping and a Rolo for decoration.  £18
12 x regular vanilla flavoured sponge cupcakes with vanilla buttercream swirl topping, sprinkles and a Flake.  £18
12 x large chocolate flavoured Thomas the Tank Engine cupcakes with blue buttercream and individually handcrafted Thomas character toppers. £42                                                                                                                                    
12 x large vanilla cupcakes edible company logowith a buttercream swirl and 'millions' as sprinkles, using colours to fit with company brand identity.  £21
 12 x large vanilla sponge cupcakes with lime green buttercream and "Ben 10 Omnitrix" icing topper.  £21

12 x large vanilla sponge cupcakes with white buttercream swirl topping, sprinkles and a 'Flake'.  £18

12 x regular vanilla sponge cupcakes with orange buttercream swirl topping and handmade Halloween toppers.  £18

12 x large apple sponge cupcakes with custard buttercream rose-swirl topping.  £23

12 x large vanilla sponge Valentine cupcakes with white buttercream swirl topping and printed Vintage Valentine topper.  £21
12 x large vanilla sponge 'Panto' cupcakes with coloured buttercream in various designs with bespoke handmade toppers. £30
12 x large chocolate sponge cupcakes with chocolate buttercream swirl topping.  £18

Regular rose apple cider sponge cupcakes with rose buttercream swirl topping.  £1.35 each

Large Chocolate Orange cupcakes with chocolate orange buttercream.  £1.75 each

Large Rhubarb & Custard cupcakes with custard buttercream and brown sugar topping.  £1.75 each

Large Yorkshire Tea cupcakes with lilac buttercream and granulated sugar topping.  £1.75 each

Large Mint Choc Chip cupcakes with mint buttercream and chocolate chips.  £1.75 each

Large Bakewell Tart cupcakes with almond sponge, glace icing and glace cherry.  £1.75 each

(Left) Large Raspberry Ripple cupcakes with pink buttercream and a fresh raspberry.  £1.75 each

Large "White Rose" cupcakes with rose buttercream and pure white buttercream rose swirl.  £1.50each

(Right) Large Peaches n Cream cupcakes with peaches and peach buttercream topping.  £1.75 each

I am happy to create your hearts' desire when it comes to cupcakes.  Feel free to contact me with your ideal cupcake and I'll gladly create it for you.

For boxes cupcakes please add £3 per dozen cakes ordered.

Please note there are differences in cupcake sizes listed above.  Regular cupcakes are served in bun or fairycake sized cake cases and large are served in standard or muffin size cases.

To order cupcakes please complete the form to the right, or alternatively email me directly via  Though I can often meet requests at short notice please allow 14 days notice where possible, to ensure your order can be met.