Saturday, May 7, 2011

How to make Cookie Monster Cupcakes - Tutorial

Having received a fantastic request to create some Cookie Monster cupcakes I set about researching ways to create the iconic Sesame Street character.  Despite searching through a number of alternatives, I didn't find any which I felt I could confidently rely on.  As the cakes were for a toddler's birthday party I didn't want to resort to an enormous pile of blue buttercream on top, creating the dome head shape, so had to come up with another idea.

My plan was to bake a batch of large cupcakes, which I make using muffin sized cases, in this case sturdy silver foil ones.

I also made a batch of shallow cakes, which I made using a bun tin (the really shallow ones which you'd use for fairy cakes).  I only used one teaspoon of mixture per cake and the results looked like upturned Jaffa Cakes.  Make sure you grease the tins well to ensure they top out nicely!

Next, I created some bright blue buttercream and spread this on top of the large cupcakes.  Dollop a bit of the buttercream in the centre - this will be for the mouth to rest on.

 Then place the smaller cake slightly towards the back of the cake, so that it tips back creating an opening.

Cover this smaller cake in buttercream, filling in the sides of the 'mouth' with a little too.

Next dip the cake into some coconut which has been dyed blue. Be careful not to squash the top too much as the smaller cake will move.  Sprinkle coconut into the mouth and stand to one side.

Ta-da!  One Monster ready for his cookie.

Next take a chocolate chip cookie and using a sharp knife (and being very careful!) slice about 1cm off the edge of the cookie, then slide this flat edge into the mouth opening.  By cutting the edge off the cookie can go further in giving a better effect.  Leaving it on means the mouth opens too much.

Finally roll two balls using white fondant icing, each approximately 1.5 cm.  Then, using a small circular cutter (I used the insides of a number "8"!) cut out pupils from black fondant icing, rolled out really thinly.  Stick the pupils on using a dab of edible or a tiny amount of royal icing.  Place these on top of the cake, positioned so he's looking a bit boggle-eyed!  And that's it!

Let me know how you get on.  I'd love to see your creations so feel free to post here, or on the Facebook page.  I'm now obsessed with the idea of coloured coconut, AND Sesame Street characters.  I can see that Elmo and Big Bird might be next!