Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Second star to the right....

This week I've been thinking a lot about choices; particularly in light of the A-Level results coming out last week and the flurry for prospective students and their parents visiting York over the weekend and this week.  It's made me reflect on my own choices and how I've come to be doing the things I am currently doing.

To be honest I would probably put it all down to fate.  I remember nervously choosing my A-Level choices (French, English Literature, English Language and Theatre Studies).  Dropping out of French in the first term, I was surprised to find myself confidently having a considerable go at conversing in French while on holiday recently.  I particularly learned how to say "I've been stung by a wasp" as I was!

My love of theatre and literature saw me through a degree in Theatre, Film, Television and Literature and MA in Creative Writing.  Initially planning to write and direct theatre, I graduated intending to work in the arts administration field.  I am now a Creative Business Development Officer and I bake cakes!

The building blocks of my career and associations I have made along the way are on one hand entirely fortunate and unplanned.  I have made choices as opportunities have presented themselves and I am thankful that I am where I am now.

On the other hand however, it could be said that it was inevitable that I have arrived here.  The foundations are laid deep within my upbringing - a quiet undercurrent of enterprise, with both parents and two uncles running their own businesses to some degree.

My studies and subsequent employment has given me the skills to start my own business.  One way or another I draw on those A-Level choices made (quite a few!) years ago; I write; creative writing used for my blogs among other written communication, French; deciphering patisserie labels in French shop windows to learn more about their marvellous creations, and theatre studies; I am proud to be providing cupcakes to accompany the fabulous production of Peter Pan at York Theatre Royal.

Was it planned?  No.  Could I have known what I'd be doing now?  No.  Am I happy?  Oh yes.  To all those who are making choices this week regarding their futures; there are countless choices yet to make, and you never know where those choices will lead.  Just be confident in your decisions, and know that in the long term, you won't get it wrong.