Friday, July 22, 2011

An Eclair to Remember...

I was asked by my partner in Afternoon Tea crime, (Yorkshire Teas), if I could make mini chocolate eclairs.  "Yes!" was my immediate response, hastily followed but lots of reference to books and the internet to work out whether I actually could!  I've been keen to develop my skills further, and there's nothing like a deadline to get you working!  I opted for a traditional recipe from the Be-Ro which has straightforward instructions and I always tend to opt for the more traditional recipes.
You make the pastry batter in a completely different way - so if you're pastry - adverse it's a great one to try!

 And of course you get to smother the finished puffs of choux pastry with chocolate and fill them with cream!  I loved making these.  I'm always amazed that from the most basic ingredients you can create something incredible!  Perfect for a dainty (and delicious) Afternoon Tea!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Cyber Cupcakes!

Picture courtesy of @TomFaller
Today my cupcakes really did take a step towards being cyber-cupcakes as they were the focus for the afternoon coffee break at the TEDxYork Conference at York University today.

I'd been listening to the event online via the web streaming which took place throughout the day, so when I arrived with the cupcakes in the afternoon I'd felt as though I'd been a part of it all.

I tried to make cupcakes fit with the technical tone of the event, so avoided swirly piped frosting, opting instead for a clean circle of buttercream and a printed logo topper.

We narrowly managed to snap a few official photos of the display before the afternoon break commenced.  I suddenly realised that while posing for a photo next to the cakes, I was suddenly holding up the queue!

Picture courtesy of @YorkConferences
 Suddenly over 200 delegates descended on the display and filed passed in an orderly fashion, collecting their cake as they went.  I loved how many delegates took photos before picking up their cake!  Within minute they were viral, being posted on Twitter and shared.  The photos featured here are those taken by delegates and shared as part of the #TEDxYork Twitter feed.

Picture courtesy of @bristoljames
I was so glad I stayed to see how quickly the cakes disappeared from the stand.  I thoroughly enjoyed my virtual conference attendence today, and I hope the conference delegates enjoyed the reality of my cyber cupcakes.

Curiositea's Cyber Cupcakes in the Press

Monday, July 4, 2011

Diamonds are Forever (in Blue Jeans!)

A slightly self indulgent post today, though justified as it's also in honour of American Independence Day!  I wanted to do something as tonight I'm off to see Neil Diamond in Manchester!  So that's a double celebration of one of America's finest!  Some people have Take That, but you've not lived until you've been to a Neil Diamond concert!

I spotted these edible diamonds from Squires and needed little excuse to try them out!  So I came up with these 4th July Diamond cupcakes!  If you've ever been to see Neil Diamond live, you'll appreciate the need for glitter on these cakes.  And the diamonds give them that extra little something!

These were the first cakes I've baked just for fun, for a while.  Think of us with glittery faces, sitting in the queue to get out of the car park later on tonight!  Sweet Caroline.... woah woah woah!!!!